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2bits – Tuning the Apache MaxClients parameter

Outdated article from 2007:

Refers to ServerLimit as a hard coded parameter. Conceptually correct but I’d recommend finding a newer information.


Fuscata – How To Set MaxClients in Apache/prefork

Good article here about MaxClients:

Unlike the typical procedure described in many articles using “ps ylChttpd sort=rss”, this article employs a Python script to display process memory usage:






Howto Forge : Configuring Apache For Maximum Performance

The Howto Forge article titled “” is a great overview of performance tuning steps for Apache web servers. The article is concise and specific. We were not able to identify any factual errors. The advice for setting MaxClients is right on track. But in section 5, the suggestion of using a light weight ¬†version of a Apache to handle static content seems questionable. I would rather use NginX for this purpose.